Stuff Live

Stuff Live

As part of my project I visited the Stuff Live event on the 1st November,

"The UK’s premier home entertainment and gadget show Stuff Live, was hailed a huge success and exceeded all expectations.

This year’s show was held for the first time at London’s ExCeL Centre, from the 31st October – 2nd November 2008, and attracted a larger than anticipated number of visitors, with nearly 10,000 people walking through the doors over the three-day-event."

My main intention for visiting was to take photographs of people engaging all a variety of different games. I was looking at the person involvement within the game and actually how much did they throw themselves into this digital universe that has been created for them.

The majority of my photographs where taken around the 'Guitar Hero: World Tour' stage.

"Guitar Hero World Tour, like the other games in the Guitar Hero series, focuses on the use of special game controllers to mimic musical tracks from popular rock songs that date from the 1960s to contemporary hits. While previous versions of the series have only used a guitar-based controller for lead and bass guitar tracks, World Tour adds in drums and vocals, allowing up to four players to create a virtual band."

I took photographs of a variety of different people, looking at the peoples gestures and the engagement within the game, overall I got a large amount of shots showing this particular game and how it differs slightly from others.