I began my project looking at the idea of time, more specifically the amount of time players spend playing these games.

Time, a very broad subject to start of the project, but is a key element and a key issue to do with game. The idea gamers spend to long playing these ‘pointless’ games.  

The practice side to the project began with me taking several images of myself using long exposure to capture my movement while playing games. The point for taking the photographs was merely to just a start to represent the idea of time.

My first set of long exposure photographs consisted of me setting up a still camera next to my computer monitor then creating a remote trigger for the long exposure timing.  The reason for the remote trigger is because only allows an exposure of 60 seconds unless you use the bulb function.

Bulb, allows you hold open the shutter as long as the shutter release button is held down, the use of a shutter release cable will help tremendously, especially in very long exposures.

The camera was positioned just to right of the screen. During the shoot I tried a variety of different shots changing the height and slightly adjusting the position of the camera.  As these where my first pictures I wasn’t to worried about the background and perfect composition, I was more interested in the perfecting of the technique.

Each of my photographs were taken with a exposure of 10 – 15 minutes. The first positioned shot was a head shot, the problem with this shot is that the camera is paned up to far, there is to much space above my head and to the sides, to develop on the shot I would to need to zoom in closer.  The next shot I moved the camera in the opposite direction, pointing at the other side of my face. Again the shot was to far away and the focal point myself was not as strong as I would like. The final shot in this shoot, I took into consideration the mistakes with composition in the other shots. Although the background was quite busy the framing of myself in the shot was perfect.

The effect of long exposure on the shots is really interesting, The head and body are slightly blurred were a moved ever so slightly. Although a game that only requires you to move your hands, my idea of capturing time in a photograph worked out well.

Development on this technique would be to think about the background and to think about other positions other than straight in front of me.  

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